Testimonials on Piranha Carbide Endmills

Customer Testimonials:

“I just got the tools. Thank you very much! That was very nice of you, we love the quality of the tools you sell. Knowing that they are made in the U.S.A, gives us the pride in our country that we all need in these shaky times. With your help Adam, I was able to increase my production overall by 21% on my tough to machine parts! The new Nano-Tek Coating is awesome! I use the 1/8” Nano-Tek end mill, in 625 Inconel with no worries. Full width of cutter, .050 deep by .700” long. Using this cutter in steps of .010 at a time I cut over 120pcs in a 8 hour shift. Our production on that part before was 6.5mins, after it was down to 3.75 mins!
Again Adam we thank you, and Midwest Industrial Tool for making my life easier, and helping me grow my profit line!” One happy customer,
Anthony-Production Manager–AG Geophysical Products
“Ive been in the business many of years and tried a little bit of everything…The Piranha USA Solid Carbide Endmills cut smoother and better than any other end mill ive ever used..I can hardly believe how nice of a finish i get from these endmills. They leave such a good mirror finish I can damn near see my face in the part”
Jimmy–Gentle Machine & Tool
“Genesee Mfg. Co. has manufactured quality cutting tools since 1908. I have been here for 39 years. We always try to improve and find new product’s to increase productivity. We introduced into the market a new product (GEN-DEX INDEXABLE HOLLOW MILLS) about 8 years ago. The sales of this new product has increased at such a fast rate that today it is represent’s 43 percent of our business and still growing. We use VMC’S to manufacture many of it’s componets. I have tried many different sources for cutters and coatings and today we buy your cutters with the NANO-TEK Coating. The tool life is amazing compared to other cutters it lasts 3-5 times longer at a minimum. I have been able to jack up RPM’S and FEED rates about 20% and still hold our .0002 tolerance. We have passed on our savings on to our customers by no price increases for the last 3 years.”Thank you for an outstanding product,
Kevin-President/Design Engineer–Genesee MFG Co.
“I use the Piranha end mills and have found them to be a very good efficient end mill the tool life is really good and the they hold up to many different types of materials. I always get great service from Midwest and It’s nice to have a USA made end mill that will save me on tooling cost”
Brad-Shop Foreman–Automated MFG
“Thank you Midwest Industrial Supply for introducing me to the 3 Flute Zrn coated Piranha Hi-Helix Carbide Endmills. Ive tried YG, Hertel, and even Dura-mill and can honestly say that these Piranha ZRN coated Carbide Endmills put them all to shame. I now get 3 x the tool life minimum, and I am able to easily max out my feeds and speeds with no worries. The very first time we ran the new Piranha Aluminum Streaker Mill our work piece production jumped from 126 parts to 341 pieces which literally blew me away!!”
Dale-Production/QC Manager—Precision Products Co. Inc.