What are Diamond Blades used for?

A diamond blade is a saw blade which has diamonds fixed on its edge and/or within the core for cutting hard and abrasive materials such as concrete and marble. Diamond Blades come in many different sizes ranging from 4″-36″ in diameter. There are many different types and styles of blades, and they have many uses. There are Diamond blades that are made specifically for cutting cured concrete, green concrete, asphalt, bricks, block, pavers, roof tiles, Marble, Granite, glass, and ceramics. We have also recently introduced a brand new combo All-Cut diamond blade, which can cut all of the above materials. This new Blade is called “The Blue Demon”.

We have also recently rolled out our very own Line of Diamond Saw blades. The full selection can be found on our affiliate website, diamondbladeguru.com. Here you will find a complete selection of Diamond products from masonry drills to diamond blades. Feel free to download our new PDF Diamond Blade Guru catalog: Download DiamondBladeGuru 2016 Catalog PDF.


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