Midwest Industrial Supply Suns prepare for last game

Yesterday marked the final practice of the year for the Midwest Industrial Supply Suns 4th Grade Basketball team. Much like real life, this season has been full of obstacles to overcome. The Suns were the last team assembled in the Germantown Bucketeers League. As a result, started out the season understaffed. While most other teams roster had 10-12 players, The Suns had to make due with 8 players virtually all season. The Suns also lost 2 player along the way, but added one player, Aiden Buss, who was a great help down the stretch. “The entire season has been a great learning experience, not just for the Kids but for myself as well”, stated Head coach and Owner of Midwest Industrial Supply Inc., Timothy Dorfner.

After starting out the season 0-3, Coaches Timothy Dorfner and Brent Castmann went back to the drawing board and began to focus extra hard on the fundamentals. They also managed to simplify a basic 3-2 offense, which the Midwest Suns have been perfecting all year. The Suns new focus was to “Do the Little things well”. One step, One play, one second at a time. There was a bit of a learning curve but in the 4th game of the season, it finally started to come together.

The Midwest Industrial Supply Suns won their 4th game 26-8 and then defeated a very tough Heat team in a hard fought defensive battle. With their record at 2-3, the Suns would face their toughest challenge yet, The Celtics. “We all remember what the celtics did to us the first game of the year”, said coach Timothy Dorfner..”The celtics are expecting another 20 point win, but I guarantee we will be ready for them”.

Ready they were!! The Suns came out with a bang, racing to a 4 point lead a halftime. The entire game was a hard fought defensive battle and the celtics would definitely have to bring their A game to pull this one out. With 2:26 left in the fourth Quarter and with the help of a very tough trap defense, The celtics jumped out to a 3 point lead. The Midwest Supply Suns then showed the type of character they have showed all year. After converting for a bucket on a sweet inbound play called “smokescreen”, the suns then went ahead by one point on a 10 foot jumper by Aiden Buss. With less than a minute the Suns clung to a one point lead, but sadly they couldn’t hold it. The celtics again went up by one point, leaving 5.8 seconds on the clock. Against a tough trap defense the Suns coaches drew up a nice play that actually put the ball in Jacob Rogers hand in position for a game winning layup. With time expiring, and the refs missing what seemed to be an obvious foul on Jacob Rogers, the Suns were defeated 17-16. Although the Suns didn’t pull out a victory, this game was a win for everyone, including the fans in the stands, who were on their feet for the entire second half. One thing is for sure, The Midwest Supply Suns had come a long way from that first game in which the celtics had beat them by 20 points.

The Suns ended up getting back on track in a big way last Saturday with a stellar 41-16 victory over the Kings. In a game where everything seemed to click, the kids were very impressive on the court.. The Suns last game of the season will be at 12:00 this saturday at Kennedy Middle School…Go Suns!!!!!!!!!!!!