Indexable Face Mill made by APT USA

Indexable Face Mill made by APT US

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. is proud to announce its partnership with APT USA, one of the premier Manufacturers of Indexable End Mills, and an extremely High quality Indexable Face Mill. APT has been around for over 40 years and is very well known as a reliable producer of Indexable Tooling, Carbide Inserts, and Workholding Equiptment..

The new APT USA Face Mill is available with 90 degree cut in negative & Positive rake.

Negative Rake Tri-Dex Face mill is ideal for heavy metal removal in heavy duty milling operations. They use standard 1/2″ i.c inserts. The new APT USA Face mills have a unique clamping mechanism in which one clamp fits all sizes

Positive Rake Tri-Dex Face Mill iis also ideal for heavy metal removal and can achieve face milling cuts at higher RPMs. They are also ideal for use in low horse power milling machines. The Positive Rake Face mill will leave an excellent work piece finish.


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