Buy Carbide Inserts at a huge discount

Midwest Industrial Supply Inc. has become one of the largest dealer of surplus carbide inserts in the nation. We have accumulated a ridiculously huge stock of inserts of all your favorite brand name such as Kennnemetal, Valenite, mitsubishi, Tungaloy, Sandvik Coromant, Iscar, Dapra, Ingersol, and many more. We have well over 50,000 surplus carbide inserts in stock right now and we need to move them so we can continue to find deals on carbide inserts and pass them along to you. In most cases even if we do not have an exact match insert, we will still be able to find a compatible carbide insert that will work for you application. We are experts when it comes to carbide inserts. Need an Insert for a Job, but lost the box and dont know what it is? We can help you cut through the red tape which is all the different numbers and letter that represent the shape, style and grade of the carbide insert. just incase you wanna get a head start, we put together a free carbide Insert Designation chart, which you can View, print, or Download. Use this chart as a reference and you will always be able to de-code through all; the letter and numbers on that box of carbide inserts. If you need help with finding or identifying an insert, please shoot us a call or an email. We love hearing from our customers. In fact, in you could, please take a quick second and fill out the short customer satisfaction survey below the carbide inserts. The survey is a helpful resource for us as it gives us an idea what our customer think, which helps us to continue to strive for excellence. We care what our customer think!! Hope you find this carbide insert Designation chart a handy resource in the shop.